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From: Mike Arram
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12This is my fourth attempt at gay erotic fiction. The earlier ones are ‘The
Decent Inn’ and ‘Terry and the Peachers’ which can be found in the Nifty
archive under the College section, and ‘The Heart of Oskar Prinz’ in
Beginnings. The earlier ones provide the texture and back story to this
one, but it stands on its own.
The story contains graphic depictions of sex between young males. If the
reading or possessing of such material as this is illegal in your place of
residence please leave this site immediately and do not proceed further.
If you are under the legal age to read this, please do not do so.
Justin looked narrowly at the shore as the boat curved into the harbour,
slowed and stopped at a set of steps to the quay. The crew looked
blankfaced, without their usual smiles, as per orders. Justin climbed out
on to the steps with every appearance of nervous reluctance. Andy came
close behind him, guiding him with a hand on his arm. On the quay a
Landrover was waiting, with one of the Santa Barbara Peacher guys at the
wheel, looking as mean as he was paid to do.
‘Can I struggle and scream a bit,’ Justin said out of the corner of his
‘No. Behave. Struggling comes later.’
The car ran preteen lolita home videos
them slowly through the crowded city. ‘We picked ‘em up, Mr
Peacher,’ said the driver, looking in his wing mirror. forbidden preteen lolita sex Justin peeked in
the driver’s mirror, and by angling himself, caught an anonymous older
model Ford bumping little girl lolita tgp through the badly paved streets after them. There were
at least two men in it.
The Landrover climbed up into the hills behind the city. The road was
surrounded by trees. The Ford fell well back behind. But the turns
sometimes revealed it, some way behind. Eventually they reached the place
Terry had selected, an old gangmaster’s house just inside the Peacher
estate. It was near the road, but obviously private property. little girl lolita tgp The
Landrover dropped them off and preteen lolita home videos
headed up to the main house by a rugged side
track. Andy and Justin stood waiting until they heard the Ford approach.
As it came in sight, Andy took Justin and hauled him resisting into the
hurricane shelter under the house.
Once inside they took a breather, forbidden preteen lolita sex
or rather Justin had a nervous
‘OK?’ Andy said.
Justin flipped his mobile and rang Declan-Barry’s number. There was a
prompt answer. ‘Hello?’
‘Hey! Where are you? The bastard’s got me closed in a cellar under this
house. He’s gone off upstairs little lolita ls nude
to get ready, he said. I doan’ like this
place. There’s chains and frames and some horrible machines.’
‘S’OK kid, we’re not far away. How d’ya get in?’
‘He took me through a storm door from the outside. It’s locked and solid.
I’m trapped.’
‘Can you get in upstairs?’
‘I think so. Look. He’s made me take these pills and I feel fuckin’
weird, like I’m floatin’. I ain’t got long. You said you’d stop him doin’
things to me. Christ he’s comin’ back …’ Justin rang off.
Andy raised his eyebrows. Justin looked disgusted. ‘The bastards.
They’re quite happy to lolta top tpg bbs sell my fifteen-year-old arse down the river.
They’re gonna let you have your wicked way with me, you young lolita nude russian
pervert, dark thumbs lolita links
just so as
to catch you with your trousers down.’
Andy looked serious. ‘Terry was right. Looks like serious blackmail is
their aim. I expect they’ll be bursting in here in a while, once they
think I’m deeply into you, cameras flashing. This way then, Justy. Let’s
get ready for lolita pee in panties them.’
Silence fell in the dark cellar. Justin started whistling to himself.
After about fifteen minutes there was a slight crackling, as of a forced
door or window upstairs. There was the slide of stealthy footsteps
upstairs. bbs lolita russian naturist To two men in the passion of their copulating it would not have
been audible. Andy started loudly faking the sounds of passion, and Justin
let out regular, high-pitched squeals. Andy and Justin exchanged glances:
time to get out. They exited through the outside door to the cellar,
locking its solid metal frame behind them from the outside. The empty
white Ford was visible a short walk down the road. There was a muffled
shout inside and the crash of a broken door, followed by an ominous clang
upstairs in the house.
‘Well. I think that went OK,’ said Andy. ‘We seem to have caught us
some blackmailers.’
Terry strolled out the front door, with two hefty looking men. ‘Hope you
locked the storm door behind you, Andy.’
Andy listened to the dull banging coming now from the cellar, ‘Yes. I
seem to have done. Everything on camera?’
‘Yup, boss. From their breaking and entering on your property, to the
vandalism on the stair door. Oh … and they were stupid enough to come
armed.’ There was a muffled bang from inside the cellar, and a gong-like
sound from the metal doors. ‘Deary, dear. Shooting the lock off ain’t
gonna work when the lock’s on the outside. You’d think they’d have known
that. Still, we’ll have that on camera too. Get’s better all the time.’
‘How long till they cool down?’
‘Dunno. Don’t care. I’ll leave them without food and water for a day or
two. Zeke and Alex here will keep an eye on them. They’re not going
anywhere. When they’ve had a chance to think about things, it’ll be time
to talk with them. I need information as to who they work for. They’ll
cut a deal.’
Justin looked with admiration at this cool man, impossible to faze. I
wanna be him, his mind was saying.
‘Are you on the government apprentice scheme, Terry?’
He laughed, ‘Criminal babe, I ain’t looking for trainees. Ask me again
in four years.’ lolitas pretty preteen nymphs
Terry made a radio call. As they were waiting for the
Landrover to reappear, Andy grinned at Justin, which made him look like the
naughty kid. ‘Tell me, Justy. Those noises you were making. Is that what
Nathan hears when he screws you?’
And for once, Justin blushed.’Wow,’ was real pics lolita incest
Nathan’s closing comment after Justin had told him the full
story, ‘That Terry is something else. So he hid behind a metal door he had
got fitted at the top of the cellar stairs, and when they broke down the
stair door and rushed in looking to find Andy doing very weird things to
you, my Justy, he slammed it shut and locked it on them. Are they still
‘Yup. It’s dark here now. There’s nothin’ in the cellar but dust and
bare stone walls, not so much as a window, and they’re sealed in by two
thick iron doors designed to resist hurricane force winds. Basically
they’re screwed … I wonder if there’re scorpions on this island?’
‘Where are you now, Justy?’
‘I’m on the yacht. We’re havin’ a party and we’re all dressed up in our
dinner togs. The city mayor and the police chief are here, as well as the
prime minister. Iss real plush … wish you were here, Nate, I really do.’
‘Never mind, lover, when you’re back, we can party on a paddle boat at
‘I’d love that. I think I’m gonna be comin’ back home soon. Terry’s
gonna interrogate those guys tomorrow, and depending on what he finds out,
he’s gonna come back to Britain and bring me too. Matt’s gotta get back
‘You’ve had a good time?’
‘Awesome, Nate. But I miss you real bad. Tim and Pete are cool, but
they’re a couple and a bit too … I dunno … smart, lolita pee in panties
for me. Ed and Harry
are fun, but they’re just kids, and I gotta mind what I say round them.
Terry clipped me round the ear for saying “fuckin’ ‘ell” once too often. I
forgets. Everybody’s so nice. But I juss wanna get back in the garden wiv
my beautiful boyfriend, and get ploughed by his beautiful dick too. I
‘aven’t ‘ad so much as a wank in days.’
‘Christ, the way your balls manufacture the stuff, there’ll be an
explosion in your trousers soon!’
Justin laughed, kissed nude posing girls lolita down the phone and rang off. He pocketed his
mobile, looked round at the social groups, and sipped his glass of punch.
The stern deck was strung with lights, stewards were circulating with trays
of exotic and expensive food. He was on his own at the rail, but not too
bothered about it. He was ready for bed in any case. He put down the
glass and slowly made his way to the stairs.
‘Night, Terry,’ he said as he passed his hero.
‘Night, criminal babe. You wanna come with me tomorrow for the
‘Can I? Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Terry. Sweet dreams.’Zeke and Alex had drawn their impressive guns, as had Terry, who placed it
on the table in front of him. Justin stood well back. Terry had set up an
intercom in the cellar before the entrapment, and he switched on the set
from upstairs. lolita pee in panties It had been two days now since the would-be blackmailers
had been trapped in the cellar. Zeke said that there had been a bit of
noise to begin with, but they had been quiet now for thirty hours.
‘Morning’ fellers!’ Terry said cheerfully into the intercom. ‘Now, I
know you’re receiving me, so just say hi back.’
There was a crackle followed bbs lolita russian naturist by a hoarse rasping voice, ‘Go to fuckin’
‘I’ll take that as a “hi” then. Bet you’re so, so thirsty now Barry,
ain’t you?’
‘Let us the fuck out!’
‘Whaddya mean, why?’
‘Gotta have a reason to, boys. You tell me what I want to know, and then
maybe we can part amicably. Don’t, and for all I care you can stay there,
after all, it was your choice to break in, wasn’t it? No bbs lolita russian naturist one forced you.’
There was a long pause. ‘Give us something to drink, then we might talk.’
‘Sorry boys, that’s not even on the table. Talk or not talk that’s the
choice. Talk, and we’ll let you out — minus firearms of course. Don’t
talk and … I’ve got a lot of other jobs to get on with, believe me.’
‘Who the fuck is this?’
‘Why should you care? Just say that Peacher Security has been watching
your little operation for a while. You think you can keep your curiosity a
secret in a little place like this, a little place where Mr Peacher is so
very big?’
‘Was that little bastard working for you?’
‘The little bastard — as you call him — is older than he looks. He
works for me, yeah. One of my best agents.’ Terry grinned at Justin who
gave him a comical look back.
‘Tell me about it, he suckered us good and proper.’
‘So now you’re in a talkative mood. Let’s get down to some basic issues.
Your name is …?’
‘Barry McGuire.’
‘Not Declan?’
‘Well, we’ll go along with Barry for a while, but research has not yet
established that you really exist Barry. Which is a bit awkward as I don’t
like talking to myself. But if you are “Barry” I need to know who you work
The answer came quicker than the others, ‘No one. I’m a freelancer. The
sting was all my idea.’
Terry drew in a deep breath, ‘Barry, Barry. A free lolita preteen bbs thing you need to know
about me is that I can hear lies in people’s voices. You’re lying to me,
which destroys my confidence in you. lolli pre teen world Even had I not known that, my reason
would tell me that you’re lying. No lolli pre teen world
one hangs round St Kitts on the off
chance of a perverted billionaire flying in and attempting to sodomise an
underage teen, with consequent chances of enrichment. You had a mission,
Barry boy, and you had money too. So cough up.’
A long silence ensued. In the end, Terry turned off the intercom.
‘Chance of a coffee, boys?’
‘Yes sir, Mr O’Brien.’ said Alex, and disappeared. Terry cradled the mug
when it arrived and looked meditatively out the window.
‘What’s the chances they’ll talk, Terry?’ asked Justin.
‘Oh … they’ll talk alright. Never underestimate the power of thirst.
By now they’d drink their own piss if they had a container to pee into.
Odds are that one of them’s already had to take a dump in the corner. Must
be getting really squalid down there as well as hot and sweaty.’
Terry flipped the intercom again. free lolita preteen bbs ‘Had time to think, Barry boy?’
‘Look …’ the voice was at last showing the edge of desperation. ‘… if
I did talk, if I did have anything to say, how do I know I’d be protected?
You’re not the police. You don’t have the resources to protect me from the
people who might take exception to my blabbing.’
‘Maybe I’m a better judge of that than you. Names.’
‘OK. It’s Barry Antrobus. That’s my real name. In here with me are Tom
Rendquist and Alfie Pearson.’
‘And you work for …?’
There was a subdued hubbub behind Barry. There was disagreement amongst
the captives. Finally Antrobus said, ‘If you want that information, the
boys and me want some guarantees.’
‘So ask away.’
‘A flight to wherever we want off this island, and money to disappear for
a while.’
‘You gotta cheek, mate.’
‘Fine. Look at it this way. We’re dead if we stay down here for another
twenty four hours, and just as dead if what we tell you gets back to our
employer. So why not die with the satisfaction at least of pissing you
off, you bastard?’
‘Tsk. I’ll make a phone call.’
‘What about that water … for Chrissake!’
‘Be in touch.’
Terry rang a number and had a muttered conversation. He turned to Justin
and asked ‘So Justy, what would you do with them?’
‘Me? I dunno. Wouldn’t trust ‘em that’s for sure. I’d check their
information before I let ‘em loose.’
Terry called up the cellar again. ‘Hello, boys. I can get you some of
what you want. A flight off the island, wherever you want to go. But
don’t expect a fortune when you get there. Ten thousand dollars each is
the best we can do for you. Take it or dehydrate, it’s up to you.’
There was a grumbling and finally Antrobus answered sullenly, ‘Deal.’
‘OK. Question one. Who put up the money for your surveillance?’
‘Guy called Lawrence Mattheson. He works out of London, an ex-marine I
think, but I don’t know much else about him other than that he’s very much
in there with the security community.’
‘OK. Question two. Was Andy Peacher your target?’
‘Him and his queer friends, yeah.’
‘And the reason for this?’
‘Money, Mattheson said, but he was lying. There was more to it. The
look on his face when he lolitas pretty preteen nymphs talked about the Peachers was an education. He
hates your bosses, especially some guy called O’Brien.’
‘Would that be Terence O’Brien?’
‘Dunno. He just cursed the name when he lolta top tpg bbs was pissed once. He wants to
pay off a score.’
‘That’s very helpful, Barry. Now we’ll proceed to a little trade. In a
moment one of my boys will be opening the upstairs door. He’s armed.
Hell, we all are. Throw out all your weapons and we’ll throw back in a big
jerry can of nice cool, refreshing water.’
‘What about dark thumbs lolita links releasing us?’
‘That’ll happen, but not till tomorrow, if you continue being
co-operative.’ He snapped off the switch. He nodded at Zeke, who
disappeared with Alex. There was the clang of a door, silence and the door
clanged back again. Zeke reappeared grinning, with several guns in his
‘Thass it for today, Justy. We need to get back to the yacht and make
some calls and stuff. We’ll be there in time for lunch. I need to chat
with Sylvia Peacher little lolli girlies ls
too. Iss time she got involved, she’s still got a lot
of contacts with the security world. She used to be my boss, y’know. I’ll
see if the chopper’s available.’
They strolled together comfortably up to the main house and sat out on
the verandah waiting for the helicopter from the Speculator to arrive.
‘You did real good, Justy. If I didn’t say so, I’m saying it now. What a
little actor you are, and what a cool head you got. Andy was dead
impressed, and so was I.’
Justin blushed at the admiration, ‘Iss me criminal background, Uncle
‘Uncle Terry! Thass what Pete and Tim call me.’ He cuddled Justin and
kissed his hair.
‘Problem wiv that?’ Justin asked.
‘No. Not at all. I like you quite as much as I like those boys. I’ll
be sorry when you go in a couple of days time. You brighten things up,
criminal babe.’
‘I’ll miss you too, Uncle Terry.’Justin was already missing Terry when the door of the jet Matt had
chartered was sealed behind him. It wasn’t as big and powerful as the
Peacher transatlantic jet, but it would have them back in the UK in eight
hours. The engines began whining and the world outside the windows moved.
Matt handed Justin lolli pre teen world a DVD player and headphones and told him to amuse
himself. Andy would be staying on for a few days more, and Terry could not
return without him, especially as he himself had put Peacher Security on
high alert. Matt had meetings in London he could not miss.
‘So what are we going to do with you Justy, after your adventure in
‘It was fun wasn’t it, Matt?’
‘London may seem boring now.’
‘Nah. ‘Sides, Nathan’s in London. I need him so bad.’
Matt smiled at him, ‘You’re so cute when you say things like that, Justy.
It’s just like me and Andy. Have you two boys any plans for the future?’
‘Apart from screwing each other on every possible occasion? Well, yeah.
I really do like working for Andersons, nude posing girls lolita even without Nathan. We wuz
talkin’ about when Nate finishes his course, that we would go down to his
uncle’s in the country and run his garden centre. I think thass what we’ll
aim for. His parents doan’ like it, but iss what we want, livin’ in a
rural cottage like, me wiv me hay fever, and Nate wiv his potted plants and
greenhouse. It’ll be luverly.’ Justin twinkled at Matt, who could not but
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